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World's largest corona care center: Where Not a single patient died

By Bombay Talkies 21 / 09 / 2020 | 01:33 PM
Covid-19 Latest Updates

National News Bureau

New Delhi 21/09/20 :

The Ultimate Megastar Maharishi Aazaad says because of such organizations, Indianism is alive in India. Organizations who work without taking any money.

  1. Medical staff do not go home, Dr. Rita says that the most difficult is to see patients wearing PPE kits and convince the family that we are fine here.

  2. Food is being arranged for the patients by Radha Swami Satsang Nyas, decoction three times a day, tea twice, hot water and food is given free.

Large air conditioned teen shed, thousands of beds lined, corona infected resting on them. As far as the eye goes, only the patients are seen. A transparent plastic sheet is placed between the medical staff and the patients, with the people standing in the line, whose reports have come negative and now they have to be discharged.\

A patient being discharged from Dr. Prashant Mishra, deputy medical superintendent visiting the ward, says, "Should I call the cab and go home." Dr. Mishra explains to him, 'Everything is happening here under one system. It is our responsibility to bring you to a safe home. Ambulances are being arranged. She will leave you home. The world's largest Covid Care Center has been started at the Radha Swami Satsang Trust campus in Chhatarpur, on the outskirts of Delhi, commanded by India's paramilitary force ITBP.

Ten thousand beds can be put here if needed. Right now, the infected are being admitted on two thousand beds. A separate ward has been made for women. Pooja, admitted here for five days, says, 'I feel, I am in a good environment and I am safe. Here we are also being provided with better facilities than a hospital. Here we are living in a discipline. Getting food on time. Medical staff are asking about the situation on time.

There is no tension or worry on the face of the people admitted here. Most people are resting on beds. Some are taking books from the library. Some are sitting on chairs. There is a discipline in everything that is being done here, not only in staff but also in patients.

Here most attention is being given to the mental health of the infected. Inspectors Suman Yadav and Brajesh Kumar are Education and Stress Counselors. His team's job is to reduce the stress of patients. She says, 'Yoga is given to patients in the morning, meditation is done in the evening. Every patient is counseled. We make the patients feel that we are with them.

Inspector Brajesh says, "It's a time of pandemics. There are many challenges as well. But our team handles them. We do teamwork and follow the instructions of the officers." Dr. Rita Moga is a medical specialist. She cares for patients who are already suffering from another disease. She says, "There are too many patients here." Sometimes it is difficult to talk to them. There are none with patients. We also have to take care of their every need. We also have to help them in everything. "

Dr. Rita says, 'The elderly have to pay more attention. They also have to convince them to wear masks. 'Dr. Rita and other medical staff working here are not going home. Their living arrangements have been close by. She says, "The most difficult thing is to see patients wearing PPE kits and convince the family that we are fine here".

Sushil Kumar, an ITBP pharmacist, says, "Food is being arranged for the patients coming here from Radha Swami Satsang Trust. Decoction is provided to the patients thrice a day, tea twice, hot water and food are provided free of cost.

When patients arrive here, they are also given a medical kit which contains Chyawanprash apart from other essentials. Sushil explains, "Diet of children and patients with special needs is prepared according to the doctor's advice."

There are about one lakh new cases of corona infection presently in India and this number is the highest in the world. The Union Home Ministry started the Sardar Patel Covid Care Center in the first week of July. Government of Delhi, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Radha Swami Satsang Nyas and many other NGOs are supporting it. Its command is in the hands of ITBP.

So far, about five thousand infected have been admitted here. Patients with no symptoms or mild symptoms are admitted here. So far not a single patient has died here. Dr. Prashant Mishra explains, 'Here there are 1800 normal beds while 200 beds have oxygen support. ICU has also been prepared for emergencies. '

This temporary hospital was constructed in a very short time and was also very challenging. Dr. Mishra explains, 'Our doctors have been working till now in a hospital or a place where there was proper infrastructure. But, here we have built this temporary hospital at the time of the epidemic under the direction of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It was very challenging to do this work in a limited time. He explains, "On June 25, we had our first meeting to build this center and on July 05, we had admitted the first patient.

Dr. Mishra explains, 'ITBP Director General SS Deshwal set up a team for this work. This is the instruction for us that anyone who goes from here should feel good. We are all engaged in this task.

This corona center has visited the elderly from 17 days old to 78 years old. Dr. Mishra says, 'Many infected people come who already have other diseases. Many do not even know that they are suffering from diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

No medical staff person has been infected in this corona center yet. Zero percent infection. Dr. Mishra says, 'We have planned to dispose of bio medical waste. We have created many protocols and SOPs that are being followed at every level. So far, the reason for our success is our discipline. Here everyone is doing their work by staying in discipline.

The bio medical waste of this covid Center is collected by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation team. He says, 'Our job is to break the chain of viruses. We cannot do this work without the cooperation of the people. The good thing is that we are getting everyone's support.

ITBP is currently battling the virus from China on the outskirts and from China on the outskirts. Dr. Mishra says, 'The country has relied on us. The operation of this world's largest covid care center is a different experience. Its lessons will come forward.

Asked whether the capacity of this center can be increased when needed, Mishra says, "We are fully prepared to implement whatever order we get. Now we have the experience." Visited the Covid Center twice and tried to see things up close. Every time the same Discipline was seen. Everything is happening under the prescribed protocol here. And perhaps that Disiplin is the secret of the success of this Corona Center.

"I stayed in a private hospital for two days as well," says a patient ruminating from the Kovid center. I was not taken care of there. The fat bill was definitely handed over. The facility here is world class and nothing is spent.

Maharishi Aazaad says he is grateful and thankful to such organisations who work for others without any money. 

National News Bureau

Note :

Maharishi Aazaad Is The First Nationalist Megastar Of India, International Ambassador Of Sanskrit, Military School Student, Sanskrit Mahanayak, Maker Of First Movie Life & Thought of Greatest revolutionary of India Chandrashekhar Azad RASHTRAPUTRA & First Mainstream Sanskrit Film Of The World Aham brahmasmi.



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