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Tanhaji: the unsung warrior movie review by Bombay Talkies

By Bombay Talkies 01 10, 2020 | 08:16 PM
Tanhaji: the unsung warrior

By Bombay Talkies

Ajay Devgn has decided to make a series of Unsung Heroes who have died on the battlefield after making India proud of their sacrifices. The first Unsung Warrior he has chosen is Tanhaji

The pages of  Indian History comes out alive this time in the 3D version in this film. The   Battle of Sinhagad in 1670 between the Maratha King Shivaji and Mughal emperor Aurangzeb is depicted in the film. The original tale concerns the valour of Maratha commander Tanaji Malusare, who abandoned his son’s wedding to defend the Kondana fort near Pune from Aurangzeb’s Rajput general Udaybhan Singh Rathore. Tanaji emerged victorious but Shivaji Maharaj is very dejected as he has lost his bravest Subedar Tanhaji in the battle field.  Shivaji Maharaj says:" Gadh Aala Pan Sinh Gela. "

One of the best research has been done in this film( Om Raut and Prakash Kapadia) and the entire credit goes to director Om Raut who has proved his mastery in directing this spectacular film keeping his eye on the mass audiences who will simply throng to the cinemas, specially in Maharashtra to watch this hugely mounted film which is in 3D.  The scenes are superbly written and ones which involves Udaybhan Singh Rathore (Saif Ali Khan) is the best . Udaybhan feasts on villainy the way some might on kebabs, kills frequently and arbitrarily, and bring along a female captive (Neha Sharma). Also, the way he smiles and then punishes his people are  the most impactful scenes of the film. Tanhaji has been co-written by Prakash Kapadia,  Kapadia's imagination  of the virile heroes, proud and supportive women, bombastic language and depiction of the Mughals as marauding foreigners bent on despoiling the countryside is the biggest attraction of the film. Luke Kenny, in a piece of inspired casting, plays Aurangzeb who is another surprise packet. The songs, the action, the thrills, the climax fight between Tanhaji and Udaybhan are simply paisa vasool.

Performance Wise, Ajay Devgn speaks his normal dialogue without giving the hint that Tanhaji was a Maharashtrian, maybe he wanted the audiences of other States to know the great contribution made by Tanhaji in India's freedom struggle. Kajol has no scope but she looks brilliant and beautiful in the Nine Yards saree and is shown a powerful lady in the role of Savitri Malusule, wife of Tanhaji. Sharad Kelkar as Shivaji Maharaj is restrained. The film truly belongs to Saif Ali Khan who has come back in a big way after a series of flops in a row. People may repeat the film just to watch him again. Luke Kenny as Aurangzeb is excellent. Neha Sharma makes her presence felt. Others in the cast are okay. Musically, the 'Shankara' number is already a big craze while 'Ghamand Kar' number is another catchy number. Background score is superb. Camerawork

(Keiko Nakahara) is outstanding. The 3D effects are simply mind blowing. Editing

( Dharmendra Sharma) is crisp. Production and technical values are very good. 

The film has all chances to become a blockbuster hit and may write a new record for historicals. The Marathi version will surely break records for Marathi films as it is the biggest ever Marathi film so far in Indian history. The film should be made tax-free all over.

Movie Details :-

Banner: Ajay Devgn Films, T. Series Films 

Producers: Ajay Devgn, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Director: Om Raut

Music: Ajay Atul, Sachet Parampara, Mehul Vyas

By Bombay Talkies

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